99 X RATED Naughty & Sexy Female Jingles £55 no VAT
Featuring Kerry Noble Number 1 UK sexy female voice artist !


These are great fun and super horny "drops" for DJ mixes, adult radio stations and party mixes. 24 year old Kerry Noble makes your sound come alive with short naughty voice clips. Kerry has a very sexy voice and is heard all over the world on different stations. She can also voice personalised jingles too. You can lay these jingles over any kind of music track - just drop them in the mix. Listen to low bandwidth demo of a few tracks. This is at low quality (20k) so no one nicks the jingles. The CD is of course Studio quality. Listen to demo of 99 Naughty Jingles by clicking the CD cover.

A few tracks on CD
"This is the sexiest DJ in the world - I think", "This DJ's got the biggest ****  in the business", "Who wants to **** this DJ", "This is the Horny Mix", "This DJ gives it to me all the way emmm, "This DJ is the world's sexiest, horniest, most loveable, ******  in the country", "No mingers here thanks""The mix you're just about to hear is better than sex" "The DJ with the hardest 12 inches anywhere", "This is the DOGS ******** mix", "The biggest orgasmic mixes" "This has been a power master mix with the DJ with the biggest knob any where. AND LOADS MORE.

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99 HOT JINGLES VOLUME 1 - sale price £55 no VAT

This Jingle CD is excellent. It features everything you'll need to enhance your sound. Great for DJs and Mix DJs, Radio Stations, Clubs and DJ Demos, TV and other audio productions. Not heard anywhere on any other jingle CD. Most of these jingles can be played over tracks whatever genre of music you're playing. Also great for Show openers.

Some great very sexy and rude female Kerry Noble naughty cuts like - "This DJ is sooooo sexy". "This DJ gives me what I need ! " "Emmmmm I love it", "This is your power mixer", "emmmm I love this DJ" and more. "Who wants to give this DJ a blowjob" !!
Also deep voiced Bill Mitchell cuts including "Music Power", "All Hit Radio", Funky Party, "Power Mix" etc. Also on the CD - Great sweeper/jingle backings, power shots, lasers, special effects. You'll also get other voiced jingles and special effects good for DJ mix demos and radio programmes and club work. 99 HOT JINGLES VOLUME 1 is unique.


Have a quick sample listen to a few cuts from the 99 track CD. This demo is at a low quality (20k mono) to stop copying !The CD you'll receive is at super studio quality stereo. See track listing below.

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Track Listing - 99 Hot Jingles Vol:1

1) Powerful Show Opener – “The Experience of your life”. -(male/fx)
2) Show Opener – short version (male/fx)
3) This is the power DJ. – (male /fx)
4) More Music PPPPPower. – (male/fx)
5) This is the mix master.- (repeats) (male/fx)
6) When you want it – we’ve got it. – (male/fx)
7) MMMMMMMore continuous Music Power. – (male/fx)
8) All you need from your music station. – (male/fx)
9) This is the weirdest DJ ever. - (crazy male/fx)
10) Music from the old skool. (repeats) – (male/fx)
11) PPPower Mix Master. - (male/fx)
12) This is a copyrighted Mix. – (male/fx)
13) Join us again after the break when we return. – (male/fx)
14) All the best music – check this dj out again - (male/fx)
15) Power dance all right here - (male/fx)
16) The mix magic continues - (male/fx)
17) Laser gun fx
18) Power Zaps fx
19) Laser Sweep fx
20) Laser Slam fx
21) Laser Zipper fx
22) Triple Laser Stinger fx
23) Sweeper backing with fx (6 secs)
24) Sweeper backing with fx (18 secs)
25) Zapper
26) Butterfly laser flutter fx
27) Needle Scratch fx
28) Explosion fx
29) Laser landing fx
30) Emm I love this DJ (sexy female)
31) Crank your knob up and fire ! (sexy female)
32) The Hot FM – Power mix (sexy female)
33) When I’m feeling sexy I turn on my favourite DJ (sexy female)
34) This DJ’s got the fattest knobs in the country. emmmmmm (female)
35) Emmmm when I need it – this DJs got it (sexy female)
36) Were keeping it hot (sexy female)
37) Ooooh Don’t touch that dial – big boys on ! (sexy female)
38) More music variety – right here right now (sexy female)
39) Give it to me – now. (sexy female)
40) This DJ needs a blowjob any offers (sexy female)
41) Anyone wanna sleep with this DJ ? (sexy emale)
42) This DJ sucks – so do I eemmm (sexy female)
43) This is DJ plays it all – first (sexy female)
44) HHHHHot Music in the mix with your favourite DJ (sexy female)
45) More Music, More fun, more action, the hottest FM (sexy female)
46) Power up the decks it’s the DJ that gives it to you hard (sexy female)
47) This DJ makes feel soooo randy (female)
48) Call in now and get on the air (sexy female)
49) E Mail my favourite DJ now (sexy female)
50) No Cheese – more punch – on your hottest FM (sexy female)

51) I’m gonna take this DJ home and have it with him! (sexy female)
52) The Hottest radio station anywhere (sexy female)
53) Anyone wanna 69 wth this DJ ? (sexy female)
54) They only made one DJ like this – thank god (sexy female)
55) Tune in and rip his knob off ! – ohhh (sexy female)
56) This DJ gives me what I need (sexy female)
57) This is your power mixer (sexy female)
58) Emmmm I luvvvv this DJ (sexy female)
59) This is a DJ master mix, master mix (repeats to fade) (sexy female)
60) Back to back, back to back (fades) (Bill Mitchell)
61) 60’s Flash Back (Bill Mitchell)
62) 70’s Flash Back (Bill Mitchell)
63) 80’s Flash Back (Bill Mitchell)
64) All Hit Radio (repeats to fade (Bill Mitchell)
65) All the hits (repeats to fade) (Bill Mitchell)
66) Continuous hot hits (repeats to fade) (Bill Mitchell)
67) A decade of hits (Bill Mitchell)
68) It’s mean and it’s funky- music power party (Bill Mitchell)
69) The Golden Hour (repeats to fade) (Bill Mitchell)
70) Your velvet voiced hairy godfather (Bill Mitchell)
71) Here’s what’s coming up (Bill Mitchell)
72) Hit music (Bill Mitchell)
73) This is a journey into sound (Bill Mitchell)
74) Keep it locked (Bill Mitchell)
75) Mega music power (repeats to fade) (Bill Mitchell)
76) Music Power (Bill Mitchell)
77) There’s nothing like it (Bill Mitchell)
78) Well I didn’t know we were having a party (snob lady) Power Play (rpts)
79) Turn Tables On Head Phones On, - already (male/fx)
80) Fast Dial Tone – sweeper fx
81) Turn in & rio the knob off (male deep voice)
82) The Power’s in the mix – (male/fx)Sweeper fx
83) This mans the best looking SEX BOMB around – let’s do it (sexy female/fx)
84) More fun, more music, more happening….. (sexy female)
85) WOW ! (crowd)
86) Dynamic Electric Lighting fx
87) Multiple gun fire – hard fx
88) Fart fx (BIG)
89) Drop Bomb fx (BIG)
90) No body plays more….nobody - (male deep voice)
91) We play all the best clubs sounds … every1 a classic - (male/fx)
92) Laser take off
93) We’re playing the hottest sounds anywhere - (male/fx)
94) The DJ the makes you feel good - (male/fx)
95) In the mix –just like this (male/fx)
96) Your favourite DJ – your favourite FM (male deep voice/fx)
97) What ever you’re doing stop……..(male/fx)
98) Master Mix demo closer (male/fx)
99) DJ Club Show Closer (male/fx)