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We make creative personalized jingles of all kinds for radio stations, DJs and mix DJs, Radio Sweeper jingles, radio jingles, DJ Jingles, show idents, jingle drops, dj drops. We can do characters, cartoon voices and any style of  jingles for all formats. We even specialize in sexy female jingles from our very own Kerry Noble. We're a British jingle company and add a really refreshing feel to your sound. So if you're looking for some orginal ideas and power - talk to us. One thing we don't do is employ boys in their bedrooms talking over clip art audio !

There's nothing we can't do !

We create fantastic show opener jingles, radio station jingles, sweepers, stabs, beds and jingle ID packages. All customized for your very own sound. We use quality British & Amercian voice artists for our jingle productions with wonderful special sound effects.

Fun jingles, sung jingles, happy, sad and serious jingles. News jingles too.  All from hot We also devise special effects and sound elements for all film and multi media. If you're looking for same day service we can e mail your personalized jingles in mp3 format within the hour. Payment via various methods.

All jingle packages are one-stop buyouts, no re licensing fees apply and no tax to pay.

We'll quote for personalized jingles today. 

In order to best assist you further. E mail with the type of jingles you want and the kind of venue or application in which you want to use them. Jingle production costs vary, so at this stage you should provide some details on your project so we can continue with a jingle quote ASAP. 

You'll receive a price quote by return.


Hot voices you can include in your jingles.

Kerry Noble"hot UK female voice" 

Kerry is a young bright versatile British female voice artist who can add a soft, gentle, or erotic - if required sound to any presentation. From sexy voiced cuts through to fun, upfront jingles and scripts. Exclusive to Hot Check out her MP3 demo below.

Hot Kerry - UK jingle voice artist

Allison Smith "kool USA female voice"

Allison is from North America and can bring the cool sounds of a young seductive female voice to your jingle production. We love her style - so if you're looking for the North American sound get in touch. She'll bring that extra power to any mix. Check out her MP3 demo below.


Kool Ali - USA female voice artist 


Adam McGraw "US male voice with style and power"

Adam McGraw is one of America's hottest power voices - young, fresh and hot ! Adam's one of our newest voices and can be added to your DJ or station jingles package. Check out a sample mp3 demo below. You'll love him.

Adam McGraw is wow for hard hitting US male voiced jingles

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99 Red Hot jingles with effects and various voicing. Superb for all DJs, radio stations and media.
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99 Naughty Sexy Jingles
Voiced by the one and only Kerry Noble. Very Hot for all DJs
Don't play in front of the wife or girlfriend.


Buy these non custom jingles CD's for DJs, Radio Stations & Clubs.
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99 Fun Jingle Cuts
Drop them in anywhere.
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why are our jingles so good ? 

Because hot jingles help sell your product or service to the audience. They make it easier for people to remember you and come back for more. They sell your name. Think of the world's top 20 companies, they all have a jingle. McDonalds to Intel, from Coke to CNN. You can hear them now in your mind ! 

Jingles generate great impacts on people  - jingles like TV theme tunes make people remember the product or service name. Think of a TV show from years ago, you'll be able to recall the opening theme tune like it was yesterday. Theme tunes are really just longer jingles.

Jingles and creative jingle tags make the world turnaround. They sell products, services and people. We make people remember through our jingles. Hot Jingles get the message across.


DJ & radio station jingles

At Hot we make all kinds of jingles for DJs, mix djs, talking djs, club djs, radio djs, mobile djs and internet djs. In fact all types of djs who want professional sounding jingles and samples to add new power to their sound. Jingles that just sit on the mix,without any gear changes. They can be used for any music style. Powerful and attention grabbing !



Jingle production costs vary depending on type of jingles needed. When you supply us with information related to the jingles you'd like, we'll get back to you ASAP with a price quote for the production.

Same day quotes - see below.




Email us outlining the type of jingles you desire and/or the kind of venue or application in which you want to use them. We'll concept ideas and branding strategy based on your information and apply our creative team to your service or product. Jingle production costs vary, so at this stage you should provide some details on your project so we can continue.

You'll receive a price quote within 24 hours.